Virtual car showroom – the next generation of showroom

This is probably the future of showroom. Automobile giant Volvo has partnered with Microsoft to develop an augmented reality system for car lovers. Customers can check the features and other features of the car in virtual reality.

Volvo uses Microsoft HoloLens, a smart glass that uses advanced sensors, an HD stereoscopic 3D optical head-mounted display, and spatial sound to allow for augmented reality applications. The technology behind virtual car showroom in still in “beta” stage but Volvo plans to use it by 2016.

Set up at Microsoft’s headquarter in Redmond, a demo video of the system shows a-yet-to-release Volvo S90 sedan. With HoloLens, customers can experience a car like never before. With a simple hand gesture a life-size image of the car is projected, where customers can interact.

With HoloLens, a buyer can strip down the exterior of the car and see the “soul” of the car as stated by Aric Dromi, Chief Futurologist at Volvo. The idea is to give the customer an option to interact with the colours, features, options available in the car rather than go through a computer or a brochure, in virtual reality.

It also allows the customers to see how the features in the car work. The HoloLens can project objects in different sizes. Customers can see whether the colour of the interior that has been chosen go well with the colour of the car. It also helps the customer to build trust with the automobile by demonstrating some of the features such as collision control, which can’t be demonstrated easily in an actual test drive.

By 2020 Volvo is committed to produce cars which have zero- fatalities. This means extensive use of advance sensors, features and technologies. Microsoft and Volvo plans to improve the HoloLens experience to let potential buyers test drive the car in virtual reality. Volvo further added that partnership with Microsoft shows their commitment for passenger safety by leveraging technology.

Country of Origin: United States of America

Year: 2015


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