The Bowley Lock

Breaking into a home is not very difficult these days. With videos online and bump keys available easily in the market, it takes just minutes for a practiced person to unlock most domestic locking mechanisms. The growing ease with which criminals can break in has caused worries among many home owners worldwide. The Bowley Lock Company has created a special key and lock system that they claim is almost impossible to operate without the master key. They combined a range of modern and ancient locking mechanisms to create this system that aims at securing houses.

Conventional keys work when the pins fall into place, aligning with the bumps on the key upon which the internal cylinder can be engaged. With picking tools, thieves can easily replicate the effect. However, the Bowley key only operates when the master key is inserted and rotated 180° and pushed in completely so that the nib at the end of the key activates the free movement of the lock. The pins are required to fall down naturally as opposed to being pushed up by traditional keys. The user can then lock or unlock, like standard locks, and return to the 180° position and pull out. When people try to access the lock without the key, the chamber inside is hollow and no pins are visible in the cylinder to be manipulated. Thus, the Bowley key’s unique design and structure make it difficult for unauthorized parties to imitate and abuse.


The Bowley lock wants to provide domestic customers safety at a reasonable price. Ryan Bowley, the founder and inventor of the Bowley lock, says, “We’ve consulted a number of security experts and the feedback we’re getting consistently is that this lock will change the standard lock market forever. Finally, there will be a high-security lock at an affordable price, something the lock industry hasn’t been able to do.” The lock costs around $90 for the early bird 1,000 specials.

Country of Origin: Canada

Year: 2015


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