Printers have become an integral part of our lives since they have been founded and many types have been invented thence. Different technologies use different methods but the basic function of a printer is to use ink to replicate and print on paper, which has remained unchanged throughout. Have you ever wondered if you could print on something that’s not a paper, say, a wall? SprayPrinter is a device that lets users print any image on a wall by condensing images’ pixels into tiny dots and relaying them on the surface.

The SprayPrinter consists of two modules of setups that work together to print the image. First, the app module lets you pick out whichever picture you want to print, from a given library of images or one of the user’s choice. The smartphone with the app is then placed in front of the wall that wants to be printed. The second setup is the spraycan printing extension that has to be attached to a spraycan of choice. The user then has to move the spray can along the wall and the printing module will communicate with the smartphone to recognize where the dots should go and paints them. During the whole process, the phone and the printing extension are continuously exchanging information. The smartphone tracks the location of the printer and lets it know when to print a pixel.


Developed in Estonia, the SprayPrinter has released videos of the prototype online and expect mass production to start soon. The campaign will be launched to the public through Indiegogo in 2016.

Country of Origin: Estonia

Year: 2015


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