Record, Replay Your Memory – in the Cloud

Google patented the technology for a searchable video library – the video being your visual memory. Yes, every moment of your life. Indexed, processed, and uploaded onto your cloud drive. You can simply google your memories later on! And that’s not all, these memories can also be shared, thereby allowing you to experience someone else’s point of view. Literally.

Audio-Visual memory is sourced through a Google Glass-like eyewear that Google hopes you will wear at all times. But while Google Glass in its first phase wasn’t quite a huge success, it isn’t impossible to imagine a more refined and upgraded version of it coming soon, that might actually end up being as necessary an accompaniment as a smartphone is today, perhaps even rendering it obsolete. Google glass already plays around with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and Microsoft, with its HoloLens, is also aiming for the AR-VR market. But to call video recordings “memories”, even if they were recorded from a camera embedded in your spectacles, doesn’t seem that revolutionary, right?

Think again! For the google glass project in itself can be exported to a relative common substitute of eye-glasses: the contact lens. Bionic lenses are now under testing – these lenses have a layer of AR superimposed upon your vision – and when it’s through a contact lens, it does feel more integrated, and more real. In fact, Google Contact Lenses are actually a project they announced back in 2014 – with the purpose of diabetic assistance in mind. But there’s no stopping them for other uses of the same too. It still seems a little too soon to think of a camera being integrated into a contact lens rather than eye-glasses; but nanotechnology can always yield surprises.

But returning to the topic at hand, indexed audiovisual memory can make forgetting an obsolete concept. Just like we don’t need to remember contact numbers anymore and have easy access to them, it seems likely that the technology will enable us to remember all our memories and recall them as per our convenience. Being backed up by the cloud means that one need not remember unpleasant memories at all, like that boring party of that relative you missed the big game for Google Now won’t just be managing our phones, contacts and schedules – but also our memories. Okay, Google.

Country of Origin: United States of America

Year: 2015


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