You can submit an innovation that you’ve spotted or a trend that you’ve observed, and if accepted, your submission will be featured on SwishBuzz, with full credit given to you.

Who can submit?

Anyone who has spotted something new and is willing to share his or her observation with the rest of the world.

What to submit?

You can submit

  • An innovation that you’ve spotted
  • A trend that you’ve observed

The best way to know what we’re looking for is to browse through the content available on this website. An innovation submission has to pass through our following tests:

Filter 1: Test of Uniqueness

The innovation should not have taken place at any other time or at any other place using a similar mechanism

Filter 2: Test of Non-Incremental improvement

The innovation should not be an incremental improvement over an existing product, service or process

Filter 3: Test of Ingenuity

The innovation should be a meaningful innovation that brings some true value proposition to its intended audience.

Whats in it for me?

Apart from the joy of sharing your knowledge with others, you get to show off the credit that we give you if your submission is featured on our platform. Also, you might receive a surprise reward as a token of our gratitude!

How do I submit?

It’s simple. Fill out our user submission form below and wait to hear from us. Although we try to revert at the earliest, it still might take weeks before we get back to you.

SwishBuzz Innovation Submission Form

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User Spotting Submission - Your claim to fame

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Maximum file size: 2mb.