ObeDog ProBowl – Dog’s Personal Wellness Manager

For dog lovers, monitoring their pet’s health is one of the trickiest duties, when they’re more so when they are away. This rings louder with first time dog owners, who might be confused as to when and how much to feed their dogs. ProBowl by Ode helps monitor and manage dog’s health and diet.

The ProBowl Smart App, compatible with iOS 8 and later versions, has to be set up first. This includes entering details about your dog, like name, age, activity and scanning the dog food that the dog usually prefers. Users can add family members, friends and pet sitter’s detail so that if the owner is away, the ProBowl can alert the others. When it is time to feed the dog, the base of the bowl glows green. However, when someone has already fed the dog and you’re about to feed it, the bowl alerts the user that the dog has already been fed. The bowl works well with all sorts of dog food- wet, dry, freeze dry, raw- as well as with water to keep a check on how much the dog is drinking. This information is then conveyed to the mobile app, which shows comprehensive data, in terms of weekly and monthly charts and graphs, to assess eating habits in the dog. This means any changes in eating habits will be notified to the owner immediately through the app. Additionally, it helps identify sources of allergies and other problems by close monitoring. The activity monitor tracks the amount of calories the dog has burned in a day so that you can feed accordingly.  Another special feature of ProBowl is that it reorders food when the supply runs low. It grows with the dog to adjust meal requirements, accommodating changing needs as the dog ages.


Structurally, ProBowl is made of food grade plastic that is dishwasher and microwave safe. It is powered by 4 AA batteries and can connect to most home WiFi connections. The concept was incepted in early 2015 and by August, prototypes were tested. Manufacturing and packaging is expected to start by July 2016 and the public release is scheduled for September 2016.


Country of Origin: United States of America

Year: 2015


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