Nora – Snoring Solution

For decades, scientists and inventors over the world have tried to solve one of the simplest problems we face today- snoring. We all have that one snorer in the family; be it anti-snoring strips or weird headpieces and masks, they have all failed to give results. Nora is a non-invasive, smart snoring solution that stops snoring when it gets loud enough to disturb others.

The system consists of a pillow insert, the bedsider and a storage case. The pillow insert is padded and  designed so as to fit along the length of a pillow of any size. This means it works with all types of pillows the user might like. The pebble-looking bedsider is a sensor that listens to when the snoring gets loud and activates the pump in the case. The pump systematically inflates and deflates to gently move the pillow and loosen the airways, which cause disrupted airflow leading to snoring.

One of the major advantages of Nora is that it is non-invasive. The system doesn’t need the user to take oral medication or be subject to uncomfortable masks that attempt to reduce snoring. The pillow insert inflates equally along the length of the pillow, which means the user can sleep whichever way he or she wants. Another advantage is that all electronics are away from the head. The bedsider carries sensors and the case receives messages from the bedsider to pump accordingly while listening spontaneously. Only the padded pillow insert is located near the head and doesn’t contain any electronics, which gives a natural and healthy sleep cycle. The case is designed so that it can carry the pillow insert and the bedsider if the user wants to travel with it, as long as the pump inside the case is charged. Nora is discrete and blends in with any bedroom surrounding with its simple design.


Early users have been testing the device for nearly four months and reviews have been positive so far. The system also comes with an optional iOS mobile app. The app monitors how quiet the sleep has been by providing charts. It also records audio to hear the difference of when the user was snoring and the bedsider activated. Accordingly, the Nora app provides tips to smoothen sleeping patterns. The user can also customize Nora’s sensitivity to suit them. With over half a million dollars in KickStarter funds, the system is expected to be delivered in August, 2016 while preorders are available on the website.

Country of Origin: United States of America

Year: 2016


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