The Hummingbird – the lightest foldable bike

Urban commuters face a lot of challenges today and waste a lot of their precious time stuck in traffic or the crowded metros. While some choose the regular fuel-powered bikes, others choose the old-fashioned paddle powered bikes which are eco-friendly and good for the health. Although manufacturers have come up with foldable bikes for short distance travel for urban commuters, these bikes available in the market are heavy and take a while to fold.

This problem is what inspired Petre Craciun, a bike fanatic and product design student, to come up an ingenious innovation – to make the world’s lightest bike, the Hummingbird. At just 6kg, it beats all the currently available foldable bikes in the market. The body is built form carbon fiber, a composite material used in almost every high performance component for its lightweight and strength. Carbon fiber is five times stronger and weighs one third compare to steel. Design and built in UK, it will come in two variant and four different colours – red, yellow, black and pure carbon fiber.

Although carbon fiber took cared of the weight, the real innovation behind the bike is the folding mechanism, as cited in the official website. The crankset by LitePro, stays stationery preventing the chain from losing tension and falling.

The bike is designed for urban commuters for short distance travel. The extremely lightweight and the compact design makes it very easy to carry around. The bike will be available in two variants: 16” wheels and 20”; the former being the lightest at 6kg and the latter at 7kg. The team plans to make the bike affordable without compromising on functionality and safety.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Year: 2015


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