HomeBiogas – home waste into usable energy

The ever increasing climate change due to global warming and the depleting non-renewable energy have made scientists and researchers to look for more environment friendly and renewable energy sources. Many innovations have been made in the last decade out of which several have failed to capture the market, but a new innovation, HomeBiogas, can be a game changer.

Biogas, as we all know is the mixture of gases that are release from decaying organic matter. This gas can be used as an energy source for cooking, heating or lighting purposes. It is a clean energy and has economic benefit as well.

The latest HomeBiogas, can turn household organic waste and animal manure into usable energy. The Israel based start-up aims to help families in rural as well in urban areas to generate clean energy.

The HomeBiogas module comes in a box for DIY setup. It consists of several components: a digestion tank, gas storage tank, heat capturing cover, gas pressure mechanism, gas filter, an inlet chamber and a gas pipe. The process works the same way organic matters decompose in nature. The digestion takes place by processing the organic waste using heat captured from the sun and the residual gas is collected in a separate tank. The solid waste is collected in another chamber which can be used as fertilizer. Nothing is wasted in this process.

According to the official website, HomeBiogas, the module can digest 6 litres of food waste and 15 litres of animal manure and produce 600 litres of clean biogas, which can be used for more than 3 hours of cooking. However, it needs a minimum temperature of 17 degrees Celsius or above to produce a consistent supply of gas, which means it’s not meant for use in extremely cold conditions.

Innovations such as HomeBiogas can really help in reducing the strain on non-renewable energy sources, and it takes the load off governments to lay power grids in remote locations, since the consumer himself is empowered to use this self sufficient module.7

Country of Origin: Israel

Year: 2015


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