Figment VR: Pocket virtual reality experience

Virtual reality (VR) has been in the realm of technology advancements for quite a while but the latest is maybe the smartphone-integrated-virtual-reality-kit. Virtual reality let the user immerse in augmented reality using specific gears and software designed specifically for these applications.

Although companies like Google and Oculus have come up with Google Cardboard and Oculus Gear VR respectively, designed for Android and/or iOS phones, these VR platforms can be quite expensive. Though Google aiming to provide an affordable VR experience to users, it is turning out to be quite bulky.


The solution to an affordable yet portable VR platform without compromising on functionality is the latest Figments VR, designed and developed by Quantum Bakery LLC in San Francisco, CA, and currently seeking support in a Kickstarter campaign. Figment VR is a virtual reality platform that comes in a phone case. Unlike other VR platforms, Figment VR comes in a sleek and slim design with retractable lens. Instead of the conventional box-shaped designed, this new VR platform comes with only two lenses which rest on the back side of the cover, and a mechanism to release, and a bridge to hold these lens so that the user can experience the ultimate VR experience.

Made from a combination of high quality polycarbonate plastic coated in silicone rubber, aluminium, and scratch resistant lenses, it is designed to handle tough environments. The major advantage of Figment VR is that it fits in your pocket. It comes in two colours, black and white. Users can experience virtual reality anywhere they want to without the need to carry the conventional bulky VR platforms.

Recently many industries have come up with integrated virtual reality in their products; from games to videos, concerts, ads, art galleries, Figment VR can be the answer to a portable and affordable VR viewing platform.

Country of Origin: United States of America

Year: 2015


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