EnChroma – Colour for the Colour Blind

Colour blindness affects an estimated 300 million people around the world. It results in an inability to identify colour differences that are in consequence to failure to see certain colours. This condition is generally genetic but prolonged exposure to some chemicals can also cause colour blindness. EnChroma, a company based in Berkeley, California, makes glasses that can correct colour blindness when viewed through the lenses.

Developed by scientist Dr Don McPherson and mathematician Adam Schmeder, EnChroma was started under National Institutes of Health grant. McPherson has a Ph.D. in glass science and Adam Schmeder is a computer scientist. The glasses are designed from scientific research and development that spread over ten years. While McPherson tested various materials for the lenses, Schmeder developed a computerised model of how colour is perceived in the human eye. With combined efforts, they determined the most favourable spectral filter, which is currently patent-pending.

The company is growing swiftly by marketing their products at various optometrists and allowing prescriptions. 80% of all customers are treated while the remaining 20% experience some colour blindness still. Research and development look to address this issue by broadening their range of coverage. The products currently treat colour blindness outdoors, so the company is looking to expand and bring out editions that would be functional indoors too.

EnChroma offers a wide range of spectacles that cater to different demographics and styles. With nearly 20 styles and framing options, EnChroma has built a valuable customer base. Lenses can be custom made to suit the frames of the user’s glasses or the user can choose EnChroma glasses that can be worn over prescription glasses. EnChroma has also made glasses for children. These will particularly garner more attention since children wearing EnChroma can be fully treated for colour blindness. With their customer-oriented service model and extremely satisfying reviews, EnChroma has only begun exploring undiscovered territories. By tackling one of the most prevalent medical conditions in the world, EnChroma has brought colour into many lives.

Country of Origin: United States of America

Year: 2015


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