droPrinter – The Smartphone printer

Printing is something that not just dates back to the invention of the modern printer we know today, but much earlier. From block printing on fabric to metal typesetting and laser printing we all know today, this activity is one that brought about a revolution from as early as the 15th century with the Gutenberg Press. With increasing and varying needs, our printing technologies have adapted to the changes. We now have laser and digital printers that can be used to print anything from photos and pictures to documents and applications. However, we are now faced with the age of mobile, intelligent devices, but we do not have a printer compatible with the same. Not anymore. droPrinter is a printer designed especially for smart phones that can print anything from webpages to messages.

droPrinter needs to be manually configured with the user’s smartphone the first time and recognizes the device thereafter. With the droPrinter app on Apple App Store and Google Play, anyone can control the droPrinter with their smartphone and print literally anything that a smartphone is capable of viewing. The app has been designed to be user-friendly and to make printing simple and straightforward. The user can now print anywhere and at anytime in real time without much effort. By using thermal paper, the innovators at droPrinter have made it reachable and hassle-free to print using the droPrinter. No proprietary paper needs to be arranged for and thermal paper itself is very affordable. The small dimensions of the droPrinter allow it to fit easily into a bag, thus making it compact and mobile.


The battery life of the droPrinter is estimated at 120 hours or 7 hours of continuous printing, making it long-lasting and durable. droPrinter offers personalization options. The “face” of the droPrinter is left intentionally blank, allowing the user to print any face of their choice and stick on their droPrinter. Another unique feature of the droPrinter is that it enables the user to print QR Codes of text and other content that the user wants to show. This QR Code can then be shared among friends and family. Priced at around $60, the droPrinter is expected to reach consumers in 2016, when users will experience personal printing like never before!

Country of Origin: Australia

Year: 2015


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