DietSensor – scan food for its nutritional values

Ever wonder how much fat, calories and other nutritional values the plate in front of you has? Well there is a new app that can tell you what exactly is in the food – the DietSensor. In cases where there is an absence of nutrition label, this app can be an aid for those who are conscious about what they eat. This app is being chosen for CES 2016 Innovation Award Honouree under Software and Mobile Apps category.

The app works with SCiO, a tiny wireless scanning device which uses near infrared spectroscopy technology to determine the chemical component of the food. This device is connected to the mobile app DietSensor via Bluetooth. The app has the ability to recognize homogeneous foods and drinks. When the device scans the food or any beverages using infrared lights, the molecules in the food reflect these lights, these reflected lights are captured by the sensors in the device and using the cloud database it informs the user about the nutritional facts of the food or drink through the app.

As cited on the official webpage DietSensor, SCiO, the molecular scanner approximately takes 8 to 10 seconds to scan and must be held at approximately 15mm from the item and never touch the item while scanning. Once fully charged it can scan around 300 times. The SCiO scanner is developed by ConsumerPhysics. The team has also incorporated a Bluetooth scaling plate which can measure the weight of the food for better and smarter results.

The app, DietSensor not only tells the user about the nutritional facts but it can also keep a track on the user’s diet. The app takes nutrition information and pictures to keep a record. It can be customized according to the user preferences and let the user know what kind of food should be avoided and what kind should be taken, it can also recognize the presence of alcohol in drinks. This can come in handy for people who have health issues such as diabetes, heart conditions or obesity. In cases when the app fails to recognize the food or beverage, the data can be entered either manually, scan a barcode or look for the item in DietSensor’s database. The cloud database has more than 600,000 food items from 50 countries, in 19 languages. The database is powered by Fatsecret.

Although the app track diet and inform the user about the nutritional value, it doesn’t detect the presence of allergens.

The SCiO sensor is set at a price of $250 for pre-order and the app will be launched soon for free.

Country of Origin: France

Year: 2016


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