DermaTrax: Smart wound dressing

Technology plays a crucial role in the field of medicine. It has helped in improving healthcare facilities, understanding the different ailments and in their treatments. Recently researchers have developed a new “smart dressing” that has the ability to monitor the patient’s wounds wirelessly without the need for regular visual inspections. Called DermaTrax, it is the result of a collaboration three organizations – Ireland’s Tyndall National Institute, Fleming Medical and Netherland’s Holst Center.

The technology behind DermaTrax is to reduce the need for repeatedly removing the dressing for visual inspection and to make the process of caring for wound more convenient for the patient and effortless for the doctor.

DermaTrax has temperature, moisture and pH sensors inside the dressing, which can work automatically to monitor the condition of the wound. It can also monitor the condition of the dressing as well. The information is relayed to the nurses’ station wirelessly enabling remote monitoring.

In cases where there is an infection or any other medical anomaly, the remote monitoring can actually help detect these at the earliest and take counter measures.

DermaTrax is made for easy application and is designed to be thin and flexible. The additional sensors don’t add any bulk, and it can be compared to a typical dressing.

According to the researchers, chronic wound dressings are costly and in UK alone around 200,000 patients are treated with chronic wounds every day at an estimated cost of around £4 billion. DermaTrax can not only reduce the cost of wound dressing but it can also reduce amount of time spent by doctors on clinical inspections.

Country of Origin: Netherland & Ireland

Year: 2015


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