Crowdsharing Flight Apps

The internationally famous transportation app Uber is known for its easy to use application that allows users to hail a de-facto cab by the touch of a button. The benefit of an Uber, or other such popular apps, is that these services offer a price & convenience benefit compared to normal cabs. The company is also offering luxury cars on their app, and recently, Uber took their premium service to new heights, by offering helicopter as part of their UberChopper service in Dubai for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the Cannes Festival in France.

Blade, an American chopper app, has attracted a lot of attention. For as little as $450, the user can order a flight to the Hamptons from New York – something that usually costs $3000 on a private jet. These flights are crowdshared – a user “creates” the desirable flight and other users can join into these flights, and the costs are distributed amongst them. The process is simple and done through the Blade app that one installs on his or her smartphone. In New York, they also plan to introduce an airport drop off service from Manhattan to various New York Area airports. Once booked via the app, a chopper can be made available in just 20 unbelievable minutes.

Much like the BlaBlaCar ridesharing app in India, Airpooler is a ridesharing app that lets you fly in a private plane, sharing the cost. The principle is that is a pilot is making a private flight to a destination which is also where the user wants to go, the user can hitch a ride and bear a partial cost of the journey – thereby benefiting both the pilot and the passenger.

Crowdshared flight apps seem to be the way to go – keeping costs manageable.

Country of Origin: United States of America

Year: 2015

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