Convenient GPS: Carloudy

Getting around a place is something all of us are used to struggling with. Whether it’s asking for directions, using an unresponsive GPS or looking up directions on smartphones, we need aid to get us around. Although smartphones have made it relatively easy for us to manoeuvre, there exist risks in consulting your smartphone’s maps app whenever you need to check your direction as it can divert your attention away from the action on road. With ever growing numbers of road accidents and mishaps, the need of the hour is an intelligent, responsive and reliable system that simplifies traveling. Carloudy, a wireless and smart heads-up display, intends to address this problem.

The device can synchronize with the user’s smartphone to display instructions and directions to the desired destination on the car’s windshield. By coordinating with Google Maps, Carloudy delivers turn-by-turn directions to whichever location the driver wants and also helps find nearby gas stations, restaurants and even grocery stores! The device also displays real-time traffic updates and suggests alternative routes. Parking spots and rates are displayed when the driver is struggling to park. Carloudy boasts of a fully voice-activated user interface, which means the driver can focus on the road without having to check their smartphone.


Despite rain or shine, Carloudy’s display guarantees clear viewing thanks to the six-inch, high definition, semi-transparent display, with automatic brightness adjustment brought out by the ambient light sensor. Carloudy is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled and is supported by iPhone models of 4S or later and Android 4.4 or later. The battery is expected to last two weeks on a single charge owing to the low-power ARM processor. With a sleek and simple design, Carloudy doesn’t complicate usage and is easy for anyone to operate.

Software updates are expected to be pushed to all devices, as it would be with smartphones. With patents pending worldwide, Carloudy’s plan to introduce a straightforward way to commute to new places has many excited for its release in 2016.

Country of Origin: United States of America

Year: 2015


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