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June Oven

The June Intelligent Oven is a computer-based countertop oven that is loaded with smart features and…
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X-ray Vision

It may sound like a scene from a spy movie. Scientists at MIT have created a system that can penetra…
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Of the several new products & services that are created everyday by bright minds in every nook and corner of the world, we handpick the best and the most meaningful contemporary innovations for you. Our carefully curated repository covers latest innovations from all domains.

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Find out what your consumers will want next, before everyone else does. Exclusive trend reports that provide you actionable insights into where your consumers are headed.

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We’re creating a network of innovation hunters who report any new and interesting creation and trend that they spot before it hits the mainstream media. Join the SwishBuzz Innovation Hunter network and be the first one to submit an innovation or a new unnoticed trend. In case you’re wondering, we’ll give full credit to you for your accepted & published contribution. And while you’re at it, who knows, you might get rewarded! (We’re currently working on our reward program.)

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